About Us

JOHN BLAZEVIC: Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.)
TCM Advisory Committee to the Federal Health Minister (Member, 2012-2014)
CTCMA (Chair, 2012-2014; Board Member, 2009-2014). 
CARBTCMPA (President, 2012-2013)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of BC (TCMABC) (President, 2007-2009)
South Bay College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Professor, 2006-2007)
Ikeda Masakazu Sensei (Current Student, 1999-2015)
Edward Obaidey Sensei (Apprenticeship in Tokyo, Japan at Edward Acupuncture Clinic, 1999-2004;
Current Student, 1999-2015)
JiangYin TCM Hospital in JiangSu, China (Post-graduate training, 1999)
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program (Graduate, 1999)

Our Philosophy:

Everyone has the innate ability to recover from illness.  However, we must have the resources (Vital Energy) to do so.  Also, we need to be relaxed and we must allow the healing to happen.  This means you must do away with preconceived notions about what can and cannot recover.  You do not have to believe in Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine for it to work.  Simply, you must not believe you cannot get better.  We will teach you how to become healthy and provide the conditions to return to a state of health.  Although most everyone will become ill at some time, the degree of illness and the speed of recovery are more important considerations.