At Little Mountain Health Clinic we provide high quality Health Care.  Our patients are treated with compassion and respect.  If you are fearful or have ever had an unpleasant acupuncture treatment, we invite you to come and experience the difference.

Initial Acu-Moxa Treatment $125
Acu-Moxa Treatment $90
Children’s Treatment $45

Our Patients

Each treatment is designed to fit your individual needs to make you healthier—NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CONDITION! The more health you have, the faster you will recover.

We also provide support for those with chronic or systemic conditions such as: Diabetes, Asthma, Weak Immune Systems, Arthritis, Cardiovascular Conditions, Depression, Anxiety, and Side Effects of Medications.  Come in for a tune-up or health maintenance treatment!

In our relaxing and warm environment, you will find it easy to accept treatment.  Though based out of the clinic on Main Street, we do make occasional house calls and hospital visits for those in need of treatment. We have treated patients at Vancouver General Hospital, Richmond General Hospital, and Holy Family.

If you need help, email, call or visit Little Mountain Health Clinic.