Little Mountain Health Clinic is a centre for health and healing in Main St/Little Mountain area of Vancouver, BC.  Our team is committed to giving our patients the best personal health care with natural remedies, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment.  We believe fully in appropriate, individual treatment based on natural theories and classical Chinese medicine, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
In TCM, Practitioners cannot specialize in a particular disease.  This is contrary to TCM theory.  Specializing in a disease is the realm of Western Medicine,  with Western treatments often good at quickly getting rid of your virus or bacteria, and putting you back together with surgery.  In TCM, we are good at making you healthier.
As a result of better health, the person recovers from their illness–sometimes, even when WM cannot help.  Together, this is a very powerful Health Care System.  Remember, you don’t have to believe in acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, or Qi (Life Energy) for it to work; but you should not believe you cannot recover–this is a fallacy!

Let us activate your healing potential!

Acupuncture video here